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Shane Cloutier

Shane Cloutier

    Shane Cloutier Band

    • Canada
  • Model (s) Used :

    AE900, AE1, RG85702BRE, AZ2204B, TM1702, TM1803M, AG95QA


Shane Cloutier is a gritty indie folk musician from Ontario, Canada. Spend a moment in his presence and you'll know his passion that runs deep. Now, with many years immersed in the business he brings experience and soul to everything he creates.
The story of Shane Cloutier hasn't always been an easy one, facing heartache, trauma, and other struggles, but through this comes meaningful and relatable music for the world. He has released two solo acoustic albums, with his most recent one, 'Red Wagon' bringing the acoustic sound to new heights. Legendary guitar player, Frank Marino plays a guitar solo on the track 'High For You.' Since then, Shane has been hired to play rhythm guitar for Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush. Shane's first album 'In Light' reached no. 5 on the Canadian folk charts and received national attention and CBC airtime for his single 'Shape of Me' Shane's strong emotional voice mixed with his work as a guitarist and heavy metal influences creates and uncommon sounds that is unlike any other indie folk musician. His live performances are not to be missed, and he continues to write music in preparation for his next release.