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Bernth Brodträger

Photo by Pascal Riesinger
Bernth Brodträger


    • Austria
  • Model (s) Used :

    AEG24II, AEWC32FM, AZ2402, AZ24047, AZES40, EP10, RG3750FZ, RGD212FX, RGIR27FE, SHRG1Z


Bernth started playing guitar at the age of 13, after the first private lessons he signed up at a local music school to start his career. After finishing school he started touring with extreme metal bands like "Belphegor", playing concerts and festivals in the USA, Canada, South America and all over Europe. After a couple of years of only playing metal, he decided to broaden his horizon and to study Jazz guitar and instrumental pedagogics at the "Vienna Music Institute". Bernth finished both studies with honors after 4 busy years. In his last year at the "Vienna Music Institute", Bernth started to work with the Austrian band "Seiler und Speer". They put out #1 records in Austria, many top 10 hits and played many sold out concerts like the legendary "Donauinselfest", where they performed in front of more than 111.000 people. Bernth received 2 gold awards for composing and performing the soundtrack of the successful series "Horvathslos". He also wrote and performed "Through the Night", David Hasselhoff's viral metal song debut. Today Bernth is best known for his music, performance videos, and lessons on YouTube and Instagram, reaching millions of guitar music enthusiasts each month.