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    • Poland
  • Model (s) Used :

    AE900-NT AVD80-NT


Marcin Patrzalek, known simply as Marcin, is a Polish acoustic guitarist, composer, and producer who started playing classical guitar aged 10. He then went on to practice flamenco under the eye of spanish virtuoso Carlos Piñana, and eventually developed an outstandingly energetic approach to percussive acoustic guitar. He is the winner of two major talent shows in Europe, as well as semifinalist of America's Got Talent. His music videos and performances amassed significantly over 150 million views online, and were discussed by notable publishers such as Rolling Stone, Metal Hammer, Classic FM, Guitar World, Billboard etc. He has toured multiple continents and gathered a massive following throughout online platforms, which led him to get signed by the label Sony Music. He is known primarily for combining percussive guitar playing with modern electronic production, as well as classical and flamenco techniques. Among his most known releases are his arrangements of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and 5th Symphony, Kashmir by Led Zeppelin, as well as original tracks such as the latin-inspired Snow Monkey. For Marcin's innovative percussive fingerstyle he prefers Ibanez's flagship AE900-NT from the AE-Series which allows him to combine extensive percussive elements with the standard way of playing the guitar.