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Nothing speaks to the inherent tonality and sonic authority of the RG line like actually hearing them, so spark your creative drive and enjoy the varied tonescapes of the RG Prestige series with Ibanez Artists Lee Wrathe and Andras Szvirida. Through these demos, you’ll have a chance to hear RG’s with HH and HSH pickup configurations to find out which voicing works best for you.

An RG inspired and designed for the future of music, this ultra-modern sherd machined capitalizes on advancements in pickup technology with an HSH set of Fishman® Fluence™ pickups. These pickups provide two distinct voicings and a plethora of note bending, earth-shattering tones for navigating the gamut of modern, technically oriented guitar styles.

RG5150G Prestige
See the RG5170G Prestige Details

The RG5320 is the ideal axe for players that demand the precision of a Prestige quality axe that offers a straightforward approach and a look that will have your bandmates doing a double take. The Lo-Pro Edge trem system allows expressive trills and dive bombs for days, while the DiMarzio Fusion Edge pickups generate an array of tones covering everything from crystal clear cleans, to the most intense distortion imaginable. From top to bottom, the RG5320 is a no-nonsense axe that’s ready to rock from note one.

RG5320 Prestige
See the RG5320 Prestige Details