Cory Arford

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Cory Arford


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Colossal swells erupt from a vast ocean of human suffering and universal dread and in their wake present to us the latest offering from the minds of CARNIFEX: »World War X«. Soul darkening, eye-bloodying, flesh crushing death metal is to be expected from this group of musicians, yet with the new album comes a unique notion of unavoidable hopelessness; the inevitable rot of mankind. CARNIFEX has stoked the coals and breathed a distinct power into »World War X« that boils over into subjects and sounds of human degradation.

»World War X« will be released on August 2nd, 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records, just in time for the band's summer headlining gig with »The Summer Slaughter Tour« across North America. After two years of gaining momentum with the tour (2010, 2016), CARNIFEX is thrilled to be headlining for the entire run. As usual, CARNIFEX has taken the poisons of this world and translated them into a powerhouse of extreme musical artistry that will in every way gratify their fans and live audiences.