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Miguel Ángel Torres

Miguel Ángel Torres

    Solo Artist

    Ars Amandi

    La Orden del Kaos

    • Spain
  • Model (s) Used :

    AZ2402-TFF AZ24047-BK RG7620


Miguel Ángel Torres is a guitar player from Córdoba (Andalusia), based in Madrid. He released "Vulgar Pretension" in 2020, his debut solo album, getting noticed in guitar industry. He is also guitar teacher and member of several national bands like Ars Amandi, a Folk Metal band that has been pioneer in including Castilian folk-elements in Rock Music.
Miguel Ángel started playing a 12 strings instrument called Spanish laúd at the age of 8 at school. His father also played this instrument when he was young and he thought it was a good idea to introduce him to music. But it was at the age of 11, when he was frustrated trying to emulate his favourite rock players in that little fretboard, when he became really interested in playing the guitar. By that time his guitar heroes were Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Slash, Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Gary Moore, Marty Friedman, etc... and they were his inspiration for non-stop picking. He desired an electric guitar more than anything else in the world, but his really first instrument was an acoustic guitar that actually was a present to his sister. So, he borrowed that guitar and started his self-taught learning.
The real first electric guitar came almost two years after, together with a cheap but effective amplifier. He was 13 then, and that day was the beginning of his madness!