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Paul Waggoner

Photo by Brett Cullen

"Unparalleled playability and comfort, combined with full-spectrum sonic versatility make the PWM100 a truly unique guitar for players of any style. With its look, feel, and sound, this instrument will inspire creativity for years to come. I absolutely love this guitar"

Paul Waggoner

    Between The Buried And Me

    • U.S.A.
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Ibanez Signature Artist Paul Waggoner is a founding member of Between the Buried and Me, a metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina USA. Originally formed in 2000, Between the Buried and Me (often abbreviated to "BTBAM” by their fan base) have performed countless concerts around the world and have released 10 studio albums, including their most recent release, 2021's Colors II. The band's tireless work ethic and dedication to their strong fan base have helped cement their standing as a pillar of the genre, and they show no signs of slowing down.
Between the Buried and Me have often been described as a 'thinking man's' metal band. Their ability to move seamlessly from death, prog, technical, death, and math metal to the blues is unique. On 2003's The Silent Circus they ground through the warehouse of extreme music's subgenres. They referred to 2007's Colors as "a 65-minute opus of non-stop pummeling beautiful music...." and critics agreed. 2015's relatively accessible Coma Ecliptic revealed that BTBAM had widened their creative circle to the degree that critics lauded them as a "progressive metal" band. They underscored this impression with 2018's conceptual two-part Automata, which offered stylistic shifts amid panoramic production aesthetics. In 2021, the band issued Colors II, a sequel to its 2007 cult classic.
Between The Buried and Me built their influential 2007 album, Colors, on an unwavering commitment to artistic integrity. They've only fortified that commitment on its 2021 sequel, Colors II [Sumerian Records]. The circumstances surrounding both records bear key similarities, yet the North Carolina quintet once again stretch the boundaries of their signature sound and heavy music at large. "Colors was very much our attempt at a do-or-die statement,” recalls Paul. "We had to establish our identity and be who we really wanted to be in order to have a career. This time around, our industry was shut down for a year. Once tours were canceled due to the Pandemic, we were like, 'We've got to write a record, and it's got to be good'. We had to do something next level.”
Paul Waggoner uses his Ibanez PWM signature model series when recording and performing with Between the Buried and Me, who are currently touring in support of their new release, Colors II.