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  • TWB : Transparent Wine Red Burst



    • neck type
    • ANB5 3pc Maple neck
    • top/back/body
    • Swamp Ash body
    • fretboard
    • Maple fretboardBlack rectangle inlay
    • fret
    • Medium fretsPremium fret edge treatment
    • number of frets
    • 24
    • bridge
    • Hipshot A style bridge
    • string space
    • 18mm
    • neck pickup
    • Bartolini® 59CBJD-S3 neck pickupPassive
    • bridge pickup
    • Bartolini® 59CBJD-L3 bridge pickupPassive
    • equaliser
    • Bartolini® NTMB+F ANB Custom 3-band EQ
    • factory tuning
    • 1G,2D,3A,4E,5B
    • strings
    • D'Addario® EXL165 + .130
    • string gauge
    • .045/.065/.085/.105/.130
    • nut
    • Graph Tech® BLACK TUSQ XL®
    • hardware color
    • Black matte

      • Scale :
      • 864mm/34"
      • a : Width
      • 45mm at NUT
      • b : Width
      • 76mm at 24F
      • c : Thickness
      • 21mm at 1F
      • d : Thickness
      • 23mm at 12F
      • Radius :
      • 400mmR

      Guitar Neck Diagram
      a: Width of the neck at the nut
      b: Width of the neck at the fret position specified by the neck dimension
      c: Thickness of the neck at the first fret
      d: Thickness of the neck at the fret position specified by the neck dimensiont
      Radius: Radius of the fingerboard


    ANB205's control diagram


    There are three knobs along the lower edge of the body. From the lower bout towards the neck they are; bass boost/cut, mid boost/cut, and treble boost/cut. There are two more knobs located closer to the bridge. The one closest to the end of the body is the pickup balancer, and the knob closest to the neck is the volume control. Between these two knobs is a 3-way mid frequency switch. When the switch is in neck position, the mid boost peak is at 250Hz. When the switch is in center position, the mid boost peak is at 500Hz, When the switch is in bridge position, mid boost peak is at 800Hz.


    ANB205's EQ curve diagram


    The bass boost/cut frequency curve has a peak at 20 Hz, the variable width decreases toward the high range, and the variable width becomes zero at about 700 Hz. The variable range becomes slightly larger in the high range than around 700 Hz, but it becomes zero again near 10,000 Hz. The variable range of the peak frequency is approximately ±12 dB. The treble boost/cut frequency curve draws a mountain-shaped curve with a peak at around 20000 Hz and zero variable width around 50 Hz. The variable range of the peak frequency is approximately ±20 dB. The mid-boost/cut frequency curve creates a bell-shaped curve that peaks at a specific frequency, and the variable range becomes zero near 10,000 Hz. The frequency peak can be switched between 800, 500 and 250 Hz. The variable range of the peak frequency is about ±10 dB.


    • Gotoh® machine heads
    • Gig bag included


Maple fretboard

Maple fretboard

The Maple fretboard provide crisp, bright highs and strong upper mids.

Swamp Ash body

Swamp Ash body

A Swamp Ash body produces sparkling highs and rich harmonics.

Extra scoop cut

Extra scoop cut

The back side of the lower horn has an extra scoop, borrowed from the Ibanez SR's body shape, which enables easier access to higher fret positions without stress.

Bartolini 59CBJD pickups

Bartolini® 59CBJD pickups

Bartolini® 59CBJD pickups are passive designs that feature an extended and more resonant frequency range. The pickups have far more "air" and definition at the top end without sacrificing lows and low mids. The pickups are cast in epoxy to remove any unwanted feedback and microphonics.

NTMB+F preamp

NTMB+F preamp

NTMB+F preamp is specially modified for Adam's taste and offers fully independent bass, mid and treble controls with very low noise and a wide boost/cut range. The sound is extremely clear and transparent. The 3-way mid frequency selector provides 250Hz, 500Hz, and 800Hz choices for more sonic variety. The passive tone trimmer equipped in the cavity enables players to fine tune the brightness.