Legendary Collaborations Realized

Renowned for the exhilarating custom instruments they produce, the Los Angeles Custom Shop enjoys a legendary, almost mythical status among the Ibanez faithful. Whether building for George Benson, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Nita Strauss or any number of other high-profile Ibanez endorsers, the LA Custom Shop is responsible for creating some of the most iconic guitars known to musicians and fans all over the world. Instruments from this shop have always been highly coveted but never made available to the public, until now! The LA team, led by Master Luthier Tak Hosono, conceptualized and manufactured 20 highly customized, one-off models in celebration of Hoshino USA’s 50th anniversary. Each instrument draws inspiration from past Ibanez designs, while also reimaging them with today’s sounds and players in mind. The brilliant skill and craftsmanship of this shop is normally dedicated solely to realizing the creative visions of our endorsers, but now, the playing public will be afforded the opportunity to own a piece of Ibanez history, an original Ibanez Los Angeles Custom Shop guitar.

Meet the Build Team

Tak Hosono

Master Luthier Tak Hosono has been building instruments and managing the day to day operations at the Ibanez Los Angeles Custom Shop for the past 25 years. His interest in the world of electric guitar was sparked by his uncle, who was a player himself and spent time in England, playing and touring with a progressive rock group from that time. Upon his Uncle’s return to Japan, Tak learned about his experience as a working musician, and it was these stories that inspired Tak to pursue a career rooted in music and the electric guitar.

Though he’s been officially working for Hoshino for 25 years, Tak has actually been involved with the company for over 30. He first started building Ibanez instruments in the late 80’s at his own shop in Glendale, CA. At the time, Hoshino decided to offer American-made Ibanez guitars, many of which were manufactured at Tak’s shop. This initial collaboration and the ultra-high-quality of the guitars produced, are what ultimately led Tak to Hoshino and the LA Custom Shop. From there, Tak would go on to produce stunning creations for an expansive list of Ibanez Artists; a multitude of iconic designs that would go on to be played, seen, and heard all over the world.

Alex Kerk

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alex Kerk studied guitar building prior to working for a number of prominent manufacturers in the industry. From there, he joined the LA Custom Shop and has been a valued member of the team for the past 15 years. He was primarily involved in final assembly and setup of the HUSA 50th anniversary customs, but also assisted Tak with some of the early specification planning and woodworking.

Aaron Stone

With an educational background in guitar building, Aaron Stone began his career and honed his craft working for other manufacturers in the musical instruments industry until ultimately finding his way to the LA Custom Shop in 2012. Aaron’s work is prominently on full display since he was in charge of adorning each of the LA Custom Shop guitars with the attention-grabbing finishes seen throughout the collection. In addition to his work with the custom shop, Aaron is also the lead singer of the popular Los Angeles hardcore band, Adamantium.

Thoughts from the Artists

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