Eros Pistoia

Eros Pistoia Photo by CHIARASARDELLI
Eros Pistoia


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    • Italy
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Guitarist, composer and teacher, graduated at CPM Music Institute of Milan.
In 2009 he founded "JASPERS" along with the other musicians, an eclectic rock band with thousands of musical influnences. The band shows its best when playing on live concerts, which are thrilling and memorable. With his band, he participates to concerts all over Italy, makes albums and hits, tours and interviews, and appears in lots of radio and tv programms.Among all the people he collaborated with, there's Franco Mussida (PFM), Cass Lewis (Skunk Anansie) and many many more.
Currently guitarist of Jaspers, he works in tv shows with his band at "Quelli che il calcio", a famous italian tv show, emitted on one of the top tv channels in italy, Rai 2. There, he plays every genre, from prog, rock to jazz and from blues to funky.During his career, he had and has the chance to play with the biggest and most famous artists and musicians, both italian and international.