Arjuna de Souza

Arjuna de Souza

    David Garrett

    Luca Hänni

    Beatrice Egli

    Pietro Lombardi

    • Germany
    • Germany
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Arjuna de Souza from Hanover/Germany started his studies in the age of 16 at the Jazz&Rock Schulen Freiburg. 2012 he began to tour and perform with several winners of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" (German Idol) like Luca Hänni, Beatrice Egli, Sarah Lombardi, Pietro Lombardi, Daniele Negroni, Lisa Wohlgemut and much more. In 2015 he incorporate the "Gitarreninstitut Hannover". In his function as the founder and a guitar coach over 100 guitar students join the "GIT Hannover" every week. 2018 he start to set up the "Musikschulmobil" in Hanover a mobil Music School. As a well known Sideman he also performed for Acts like David Garrett and Nicole.