Download the Ibanez Tuner app and say goodbye to low-end tuning mystery.

Nobody can top Ibanez's world-respected experience with multi-stringed guitars and basses that feature down-tuned and super low strings. Now, Ibanez introduces the Ibanez Tuner, a new and powerful app that takes the frustration out of tuning lower-end strings.


Original Algorithm and Filter

Engineered especially for seven, eight and nine-string guitars as well as five, six and seven-string basses, the Ibanez Tuner app effortlessly reads the lowest of low-end notes thanks to a unique algorithm and built-in independent filter for each instrument tuning mode.

Extra-detailed tuning in Zoom Mode

Zoom in for super-detailed tuning with Ibanez Tuner. In addition to featuring an easy-to-read tuning display, Ibanez Tuner boasts an additional level of precision with its Zoom Mode. Don't ruin a great recording or live performance with out-of-tune low notes! Turn on the Zoom Mode to make sure your low-end strings true.

Restring your ax in seconds with Ibanez Tuner's open note guide tones.

Simply tap a string's individual note button on Ibanez Tuner app and sound out the open note. Hearing a guide tone while winding and restringing your instrument cuts your work in half and helps to identify tricky low-end frequencies while tuning.

Save your alternate tunings

Ibanez Tuner has over 10 super-useful alternate tuning presets. Have a secret weapon alternate tuning of your own? Edit, create and save your tuning in Ibanez Tuner’s user preset library.


Tuning mode preset
Works with
  • Chromatic
  • Guitar: 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 strings and Tenor
  • Bass: 4, 5, 6, and 7 strings
  • Ukulele: Soprano, Concert, and Tenor
  • Mandolin
  • Banjo: Tenor, Plectrum, and 5 strings
Typical alternate tunings, including
  • Half step down, Whole step down, Drop D, Open G/A/E/D, DADGAD, and Baritone
Other features
  • Adjustable input sensitivity
  • A4 note frequency from 415Hz to 465Hz with 1Hz step
  • Auto sleep ON/OFF
  • Selectable needle response speed, normal or slow
  • Selectable notation, flat or sharp
  • Selectable temperament; equal, just major or just minor with key select
  • Accuracy +/-0.1 cent or less
  • Eye-friendly high contrast needle
  • Accurate, real time note movement
  • This app uses Google Analytics. Read the following privacy policy and agree before downloading this app. (External link, open in new windows)
  • This app uses the external microphone on your device.
  • If background noise is too loud, Ibanez recommends connecting your instrument to earphones/microphone or lightning jack by using authorized cables for connecting iPhone and instruments.
Operating environment
  • OS: iOS8 or later
  • Model: iPhone4S or later


OS: iOS8 or later
Model: iPhone4S or later