Sándor Nánási

Photo by Virag Nanasi
Sándor Nánási


    • Hungary
    • Hungary
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Sandor Nanasi has developed a special technique using the acoustic guitar as percussion instrument, bass guitar and instrument of special ambient sounds. Started to play around London with his special show in 2014. The development of his ideas and music concept followed by positive feedback by his audience from the very beginning. He was priced as First Finalist in a worldwide guitar competition called Six String Theory in 2016. Since then he played all over Hungary on music shows and workshops. On his live performances you can also watch and listen to his invention which makes the guitar sound like a snare drum, and creating grooves with stompbox and foot tambourine as well. He uses Ibanez guitars officialy as endorser since 2016. The favourite ones are the flagship Ibanez AE900 and all the members of the AVD series. He also uses the Ibanez Echo Shifter to create more atmosphere for his grooves, and an Ibanez Promethean bass amp to create round bass sound in a portable way.