40 Years of Black and Chrome

Few groups have revolutionized the world of rock and roll the way Kiss has. To say that live performances will never be the same after Kiss, would be an understatement.

One of the prime movers of Kiss is Paul Stanley, guitarist and lead singer. His high energy performances leave audiences in awe. The fact that Paul can rip off chord after chord without missing a beat, while performing acrobatic feats of amazement is a testimonial to his talent and discipline.

While we all can’t have the boundless energy of Paul Stanley, we can own the same guitar he plays, The Ibanez Paul Stanley Model. This guitar is the result of Paul’s own design and specifications. The guitar is based on the popular Iceman Model.(Quoted from Ibanez Catalog, 1978)


The PS10 Paul Stanley Model is the epitome of black and chrome rock and roll. The mahogany and maple body has a sound that can only be described as "BIG".

The pickups are Ibanez V-2 pickups, designed to Paul's exacting specifications. The PS10 is finished in jet black with chrome hardware, including a chrome pickguard and tailpiece base. The position markers are pearl-abalone-pearl blocks and the special pearloid binding around the body adds just a touch of glamour to this starkly functional axe. (Quoted from Ibanez Catalog, 1978)

You'll never be caught at a loss for sound with a Paul Stanley Model. The Gibraltar bridge is mounted on a heavy metal sustain block for lightning quick response and long sustain. The bridge can be locked into position after adjustment and will remain rock solid, even if your athletic ability is equal to Paul's.

So if you've just got to rock and roll, here's the guitar that will get you there better and faster than any other - The Ibanez Paul Stanley Model. (Quoted from Ibanez Catalog, 1978)

KISS and the Art of Promotion

Paul Stanley wanted an Iceman where the neck joined the body at the 17th fret instead of the 16th, and one with a broken mirror finish. His wishes, of course, were Ibanez’s commands. However, the promotional efforts of Ibanez weren't limited to simply providing artists with idiosyncratic axes.

Having gone to the effort to make a guitar, Ibanez came up with promotions to draw attention to their creations. One novel idea was the promotion for Stanley's signature Iceman, a Paul Stanley Doll and a miniature PS10 replica, which actually played, albeit in somewhat limited fashion. It was displayed at trade shows and in selected Ibanez dealers' stores. The Paul Stanley/lbanez marriage ultimately benefited both sides immeasurably.

Paul's new signature models for 2018

For 2018 Ibanez is unveiling three brand new Paul Stanley signature models; the PS60 in either black or silver, as well as a super limited edition 40 Year Commemorative PS1DM, emblazoned with more than 1,400 pieces of rhinestones.