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George Benson and Ibanez began a creative journey 40 years ago. It started with the goal of building a guitar suited to please a master jazz musician. Along the way, a legendary instrument was created for guitarists of every genre, all over the world. Now, Ibanez proudly celebrates with the release of two magnificent 40th Anniversary models.

In the late ‘70's...

George Benson, an acknowledged master jazz guitarist and hit-making vocalist, needed an instrument that could both handle the rigors of the road and was compact enough to be able to be stashed in the overhead storage compartment of an airplane. Ibanez worked intensively with George to build a guitar that not only could travel, but could transcend.


George Benson shares some sweet licks and reminisces about his long, fruitful relationship with Ibanez, the birth of the GB10 and the introduction of the exciting, new 40th Anniversary GB40TH.

George Benson and Ibanez: 40 Years of Guitar Innovation

The George Benson Models

In celebration of the GB10's long history, Ibanez is extremely pleased to introduce two new George Benson models, thus adding another exciting chapter to the ever evolving relationship between George and Ibanez. The GB40TH and GB40THII boast an exceptionally open, warm sound while providing an amazing response with smooth sustain.


The Limited Edition GB40TH, produced with the utmost precision in Japan, features a 3-piece maple GB set-in neck, flamed maple top, back and sides, a bound ebony fretboard and a mother-of-pearl GB40TH special inlay. Outfitted with GB Special pickups and an ebony bridge and GB40TH special tailpiece, the GB40TH is destined to become a legendary guitar, just like its forbearer, the GB10.

GB40TH View Specs


The Limited Edition GB40THll is a more affordable, but a no less sumptuous instrument. It features a 3-piece maple GB set-in neck, a solid spruce top, flamed maple back and sides, GB Special pickups and an ebony bridge with a 40th Anniversary special inlay as well as a GB10 tailpiece with a 40th Anniversary specially-designed wood cover.

GB40THII View Specs GB40THII View Specs

The history of the GB10

Born from a need for an excellent jazz guitar that could stand up to touring and gigging every night, the GB10 became a success almost immediately after its initial release in 1977. George Benson told Ibanez that he didn't want gimmicks, he wanted a workhorse guitar that sounded amazing. Ibanez delivered.


I'm very happy about my relationship with Ibanez.
Ibanez lived up to its promise. They built an instrument that we both could be proud of.
The Ibanez George Benson guitar has become…legendary.

George Benson

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George Benson's music and playing is timeless and exceptional. Please share the news of this important occasion, the 40th Anniversary of the Ibanez GB10, on all your social media platforms.