Japanese craftsmanship has always been the source of our passion and inspiration, and still is.

This is a story about Japanese-made Ibanez―known as Prestige. We are proud to say that Ibanez is now one of the top guitar brands, offering a vast variety of guitars, in various styles and in different price points. However, it did not happen overnight. We weathered many challenges in the early days, keeping up with ever-changing times, always in the face of tough competition from companies who had already had built great legacies, even back then. But it’s in the hardest of times that we find out what we’re made of. And what we have come to find is that the belief and pride in Japanese craftsmanship is the infinite source of our passion.

Our Mission

There are three principles behind our Ibanez Prestige line: Precision, Performance, and Playability. The combination of high-tech manufacturing techniques with old-world Japanese craftsmanship, true innovation in design and construction, and the incorporation of ideas and suggestions from musicians from around the world are the cornerstones of the Prestige production process.


High tech manufacturing techniques allow the highest levels of precision and ensure the tightest tolerances in wood work, paint and hardware, design and construction.


Ibanez guitars have always been known for their high performance fast necks, optimized pickups and electronics and hardware. With Prestige, all of these components are continually tweaked and taken to the cutting edge.


All of this means nothing without supreme playability. Years of research and testing out in the field with artists all over the world helped us develop distinctively unique high performance neck shapes. In the Prestige line, there is now a perfect neck shape for every type of player.