Born from a long lineage of stringed instruments, the acoustic guitar is steeped in tradition. But music continues to evolve, and musicians demand inspiring new tools with which to carve out their own signature sound. In that spirit, we introduce Ibanez AE, our new flagship series of acoustic-electric guitars. Offering supreme tone and playability, Ibanez AE is the next step in a great tradition.

AE Body Shape
AE Body Shape

Designed for projection, balance, and comfort, the AE’s perfectly crafted contemporary body shape offers the best of all worlds. Slightly shallower than a dreadnought, and with a deeper waist, this versatile body is responsive to the dynamics of aggressive strumming, yet projects the nuances of subtle finger picking. The deeper contours of the waist allow the guitar to sit lower in front of a seated player, optimizing comfort and access.

Scallop X Bracing

The AE features bracing designed to project the guitar's complete sonic spectrum. From deep, robust lows; through a smooth, pronounced mid-range; to bright, articulate highs—the AE X bracing design delivers the complex overtones that are present in only the highest quality acoustic instruments. The bracing is scalloped to maximize the transmission of string vibration without sacrificing the integrity of the top soundboard. This allows for a guitar with a wide dynamic range that can reproduce a variety of playing styles and techniques with detailed accuracy.

  • Advanced Comfort neck
    Advanced Comfort neck

    The AE's "Advanced Comfort Grip" neck shape is an Ibanez original that provides superior comfort and playability. A slight, yet purposeful, asymmetric neck adds to the guitar's unique, natural feel.

  • Bone nut & 4mm bone saddle
    Bone nut & 4mm bone saddle

    The bone nut was chosen for its ability to transfer string vibration naturally. The thicker-than-ordinary 4mm bone saddle improves intonation accuracy.

  • T-Bar Undersaddle Pickup
    T-Bar Undersaddle Pickup

    Our goal in designing the AE was to minimize cuts being made into the body, as well as the size of the electronic components. The T-Bar undersaddle pickup features center position wired construction which helps to avoid disproportionate emphasis and equalize the volume of each string.

  • Minimal Body Electronics
    Minimal Body Electronics

    In an effort to minimize onboard electronics, the preamp is powered by coin-type cell (CR2032 x 2) for maximum weight reduction. In conjunction with the T-Bar undersaddle pickup a very natural acoustic sound is produced, fitting perfectly in either solo or band situations.

  • AGP10 External Preamp*
    AGP10 External Preamp*

    Designed in collaboration with artists and professional sound engineers, the AGP10 is a stand-alone unit. In contrast to "onboard" electronics, this approach preserves the guitar's integrity, both acoustically and structurally, while still providing the performer easy access for on-the-fly adjustments.

    *included with AE500, AE800 and AE900 models