Ibanez classical guitars take the guesswork out of finding an affordable, great-sounding classical guitar that's easy to fret and play. Whether you are looking for a traditional classical-sized instrument or a comfortable nylon-string beginner guitar, they are extremely well-constructed, affordable and have the pristine tonality and playability of much more expensive instruments.




body shape1/2 size Classical body
topSpruce top
back & sidesAgathis back & sides
bracingFan bracing
neckMahogany neck
fretboardNandu Wood
soundhole rosetteClassical water decal rosette
tuning machineChrome Classical tuners
number of frets18
stringsNylon strings
finish topGloss
finish back and sidesGloss
finish neck backGloss

Neck Dimensions

Scale :530mm
a : Width43mm at NUT
b : Width54mm at 14F
c : Thickness20mm at 1F
d : Thickness21mm at 7F
Radius :Flat

Body Dimensions

a : Length15 1/2"
b : Width12"
c : Max Depth3 1/4"

Recommended Case/Bag


1/2 size classical guitar (530mm scale length, 43mm width nut)

Nandu Wood fretboard

Nandu Wood produces a rich mid range with a crisp high end.