WINTER NAMM 2012 at Anaheim 2011 1.19-22

At Anaheim Convention Center in sunny California, the 2012 Winter NAMM show has begun!

Ibanez at NAMM 2012

New products, artist signings and great people for 4 straight days.
Check out the Ibanez booth during the show!

The History of Ibanez guitars all started here.

25 years of Shredding – the flashy RG & S 25th Anniversary limited editions glowing in the black light room.

Steve Vai’s signature model, limited edition JEM-EVO.

j.custom 2012, including 7 string models.

"Performance Beyond Expectation" – RG Premium's range has expanded with the addition of fixed bridge models.

Brand new Mick Thomson signature models feature an aggressive design.

The leaders of Extreme Metal– Meshuggah’s signature model M8M finally unveiled.

George Benson’s new signature model LGB300 – the “Little George Benson”.

Massive range of 7 & 8 string models.

The new Premium JEM in Sea Foam Green finish.

2012 is the 25th anniversary of Soundgear basses. We celebrate with the limited edition Premium models.

The latest from the Soundgear line.

The accessible version of Gerald Veasley’s signature model, GVB36.

The new Sharlee D’Angelo signature bass, SDB2, in White Flat finish.

The Artwood line has expanded with the addition of color options and more lower priced models.

Celebrating 30 years of the most in-demand overdrive pedal, here is the limited edition TS9 in sparkling green.

The 2012 Tube Screamer Amplifier lineup includes 5W, 15W and 30W combos.

The new Promethean bass amps – P300H head and P3115 combo with 15” speaker.

The new Troubadour acoustic amp, T150S, is a compact stereo amp.

SD9M “Sonic Distortion Mod.” – the legendary SD9 has returned with additional Mid Boost and Gain Boost features.

Munky (Korn)

Fieldy (Korn)

Mick Thomson (Slipknot)

George Benson

Joe Satriani

Steve Vai

Paul Gilbert (MR.BIG)

From L to R: Tony MacAlpine, Andy Timmons

From L to R:
Josh Gilbert (As I Lay Dying)
Nick Hipa (As I Lay Dying)
Jeanne Sagan (All That Remains)
Francesco Artusato (All Shall Perish)
Ryan Leitru (For Today)

From L to R:
Tosin Abasi (Animals As Leaders)
Javier Reyes (Animals as Leaders)
Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah)
Ken Susi (Unearth)

2012 NAMM Show Gallery

Mick Thomson
Model(s) Used: MTM
Band: Slipknot

Fredrik Thordendal
Model(s) Used: CUST. RG7620
Band: Meshuggah

George Benson
Model(s) Used: GB200, GB10

Steve Vai
Model(s) Used: JEM, UV

Gerald Veasley
Model(s) Used: SR 6-string

Sharlee D'Angelo
Model(s) Used: SDB
Band: Arch Enemy

Model(s) Used: K7
Band: Korn

Model(s) Used: K5
Band: Korn

Joe Satriani
Model(s) Used: JS1000

Paul Gilbert
Model(s) Used: PGM301-WH
Band: MR.BIG

Tony MacAlpine
Model(s) Used: RG6, S7321, RG1527, RG2228

Andy Timmons
Model(s) Used: AT
Band: Andy Timmons Band

Josh Gilbert
Model(s) Used: EDB
Band: As I Lay Dying

Nick Hipa
Model(s) Used: ART
Band: As I Lay Dying

Francesco Artusato
Model(s) Used: RG, RGA
Band: All Shall Perish

Ryan Leitru
Model(s) Used: RG, RGD
Band: For Today

Tosin Abasi
Model(s) Used: RG7, RG2228
Band: Animals As Leaders

Javier Reyes
Model(s) Used: RGA8
Band: Animals as Leaders

Ibanez RG Premium

Fast Just Got Faster – Ibanez RG Premium Now With Maple Fingerboard

Combining top-quality craftsmanship with the kind of appointments and affordability today's working musicians demand, the RG Premium has earned a reputation as the go-to guitar for players who need both speed and studio-quality sound.

Ibanez TS9 Tubescreamer Celebrates 30 years

Take A Trip And See How The TS9 Has Evolved

As we celebrate the TS9's 30th birthday with an anniversary model that's lit up and dressed to make a statement, it seemed like the right time to bust out some old images and revisit the developmental evolution that made the TS9 the most popular overdrive pedal in history.