Report From Bass Player Live 11

 SR prestige,  ATK
Adam Nitti
Model(s) Used: SR6
Band: Solo Artist

25th Anniversary Ibanez SR Series Bass Guitars

25 Years Ago We Broke The Shackles

The story of the Ibanez SR bass is a story of a freedom…a story of unburdening... of joyous motion...of movement...of groovement...the story of an exodus to the land of the fast thin neck...and new musical worlds…

Prestige - Crafted by Japan's Finest Luthiers

Our brand new Prestige site features videos and new photos. Get a look inside the factory and watch interviews with Gary Brawer.

ATK: Stage Ready, Regardless of Style.

Hear the three distinct settings the new Ibanez pickups offer for any style of playing.

If something is good that shouldn’t stop you from making it great-and that’s what we did with the pickups in our ATKs! Hear the difference for yourself with our new sound samples.