Ryan Knight
Model(s) Used: RG20TH, RG770DX-LB
Band: The Black Dahlia Murder
Ibanez: How have the recent shows been going with Arsis?
Ryan: They¡Çve all been really good actually. We did a tour in November with The Faceless, and that went really well. We just got off tour with Exodus.

Ibanez: Are you excited about the upcoming release of ¡ÈWe Are the Nightmare¡É?
Ryan: Oh yeah! It¡Çs gonna be out April 15th, and we recorded it in September. So we¡Çve been jamming it in the van, and I¡Çve heard it like a million times. I¡Çm ready for it to finally come out.

Ibanez: What was the recording process like for the new album?
Ryan: We recorded with Zeuss up in Massachusetts. When we got there, our drummer, Darren, had already recorded all the drum tracks. So as soon as we got there, we pretty much started on guitars. The way it was written was kind of interesting actually, because we never wrote as a whole band. I would come up with stuff and James would come up with stuff, and then we would send it to our drummer online. Then, he would program all the drums to it and send it back. When we were happy with it all, we would give him the thumbs up on it. So when we went to the studio, he had just learned all the drums that he programmed.

Ibanez: What was it like working with Zeuss?
Ryan: He was really cool to work with. He definitely knows how to get all the sounds and tones that you want. He¡Çs pretty much a perfectionist, and he¡Çll tell you if you¡Çre playing like crap. He¡Çs a real cool guy to work with though, and we¡Çre really happy with the way it turned out.

Ibanez: When did you start playing Ibanez guitars?
Ryan: I think the first Ibanez I ever had was a Talman model. That was in like 1997. The first guitar I ever had was like a Sears knock-off guitar when I was 12 or 13 [laughs]. But yeah, my first real guitar was an Ibanez Talman. Since then, I¡Çve just been playing different RG models. Now I just play the 550s.

Ibanez: Was there anything in particular that drew you to the RG550?
Ryan: Yeah, the neck on it. I really like the Wizard necks on those. I like the body style, too.

Ibanez: How did you end up joining Arsis?
Ryan: I was actually playing in this band that I¡Çm still in called The Knife Trade. We played with Arsis once or twice in Atlanta. A bunch of my friends are in Daath, and Eyal actually went to Berklee with James. So he kind of referred me to them as a guitar player, when I wasn¡Çt very active in my other band. Jim and I were kind of acquaintances anyways, and one day he just called me up and asked if I wanted to join Arsis. I¡Çve been in the band since October 2006, so it¡Çs been about a year and a half.

Ibanez: What do you guys have planned for the rest of the year?
Ryan: We have some tours in the works. I can¡Çt really say a whole lot, because they¡Çre still working it all out. We¡Çll be on the road for most of the year, though.

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