In the process of designing six, seven, and eight string guitars for players who use all kinds of alternate tunings, we learned plenty about what works and what doesn't when it comes to tuners. Ibanez makes tuners that work—quickly, accurately, and with the reliability that performers have come to trust.

TuNANO -Clip Chromatic Tuner-


Clip Tuners have become a normal part of playing guitar live. Clip tuners should be highly-visible and easy to use. The Ibanez TuNANO provides more choices of location thanks to its unique size and the easy to read LCD screen maintains maximum visibility. The tuning range goes as low as the low B on a 5-string bass. When the instrument is in tune, the display will flash in green. The display will flash in orange when it is not.

  • Chromatic and Automatic Tuning Mode Selectable
  • LCD display
Tuning mode Chromatic/Guitar/Bass/Ukulele
Tuning Range A0(27.5Hz) - C8(4186Hz)
Calibration A4 = 440Hz
Power Supply Lithium battery (CR2032) x 1
Dimension 28(W) x 35 (D) x 30.5(H) mm
Weight 16.5g (including battery)

PU3 -Clip Chromatic Tuner-


The Ibanez PU3 is a simple and efficient clip tuner: no dials, no power switch. The PU3 features an Automatic Power ON/OFF switch and an extremely accurate tuning response. Clip on, tune it and forget it.The indicator flashes up in different colors when the pitch is higher than desired pitch or lower, or in tune.

  • Automatic Power ON/OFF
  • LCD display
Tuning Range A0 (27.50Hz) - C8 (4186Hz)
Calibration A4 = 440Hz
Power Supply Lithium battery (CR2032) x 1

MU2 -Metronome Tuner-


Tuning and timing: is there anything more important in musical performance? The Ibanez MU2 assists you with rock-solid tuning and a super helpful metronome for practicing on the go.

  • Chromatic and Automatic Tuning Mode Selectable
  • Three Automatic Mode Selected for Guitars, Basses or Ukuleles
  • Three Steps Flat Tuning Possible Down To 3 Flat Semitones
Tuner Calibration: A4 = 430 - 450 Hz
Tuning Range: A0 (27.5Hz) - C8 (4186.0Hz)
Drop tune: Flat 3 semitones
Metronome Tempo: 30 – 250 bpm
Time Signatures: Quarter/ Eighth/ Sixteenth/ Triplet
Power Supply AAA battery x 2 (3V)
Dimension 115 (W) x 15 (D) x 55 (H) mm
Weight 100g (including battery)