Prestige Leather Strap

KUSHITANI, Proto-Core Leather

  • •Max Length: 1450mm
  • •Width: 70mm

Ibanez Bass Workshop Strap

Ibanez BWS series "Bass Workshop" straps are made especially for the needs of bass players. The wide, padded and heavy duty straps provide supreme playing comfort.

  • •Length: 1020mm (min) - 1250mm (max)
  • •Ultra-wide 90mm width reduces shoulder fatigue and stress.
  • •The comfortable padding inside have square-shaped bumps to minimize unwanted movement while playing.
  • •The outer side is made of heavy-duty, long lasting polyester.

Ibanez Quick Acoustic Strap

Guitar Strap

The Ibanez GSQ strap was designed for smart and easy acoustic guitar handling. It's plain look fits any kind of acoustic guitars, yet its sturdy construction gives playing confidence. The strap end features a metal connection to allow fast and easy hooking. It also comes with a clip to divide the strap and strap-end on the headstock immediately. Designed specifically so users do not need to repeatedly take the strap end off the headstock and hook it on the headstock over and over again. The strap end can also be hooked on the normal strap pin.

  • •Max length: 1,450mm
  • •Width: 50mm


  • •Length: 1,150mm (min) - 1,350mm (max)
  • •Width of the pad: 50mm
  • •Thickness of the pad: 7mm

Braided Strap

The Ibanez GSB strap is a durable strap made of an attractive woven material with its own color scheme. The attractive design fits all kinds of solid body electric guitars/basses, hollow body guitars and acoustic guitars. It offers a grip on the shoulder so that you can securely maintain your guitar position while playing.

  • •Length: 930mm (min) - 1,700mm (max)
  • •Width: 50mm

Ibanez Designer Collection Strap

  • •Length: 950mm (min) - 1,700mm (max)
  • •Width: 50mm

Standard Strap

  • •Length: 1,120(min)-1,450(max)mm
  • •Width of the shoulder pad: 65mm