Pro Spec'd EMG® Pickups

American-made EMG® pickups are carefully matched to the basswood body, and capable of multi-layered dynamics and tone.

Bound Ebony Fretboard

A beautiful bound ebony fretboard lets you fly across its smooth, quick surface and provides a tighter low end with a more percussive attack. (all RGIT models)


RGIT Ash Wing Body

The Iron Label concept of RGIT's through-neck construction, at its most fundamental, is a multi-hardwood core with lighter weight Ash "wings" added to give the body its iconic shape.

Edge Zero II Tremolo

Go ahead; dish it out…the Edge Zero II Tremolo system holds tune no matter what. Low-profile design is all about player comfort.

Nitro Wizard 6/7 Neck

6 and 7-string models feature 3-pc Maple/Bubinga neck. One of the hardest woods on the planet, Bubinga provides iron-like strength for super neck stability and longer, meaner, sustain.

Nitro Wizard 7pc Through-Neck

The RGIT 7pc-piece Maple/Walnut Nitro Wizard through-neck and ash-wing body pump out full, fat tone with endless sustain.

Gibraltar Standard II Bridge

The Gibraltar bridge is locked down and designed to stay out of the way of the picking hand.

Kill Switch

Musical strobe effect in the palm of your hand with the built-in kill switch.

Gotoh® MG-T Locking Machine Heads

Make each string change really count. Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads are provided for superior tuning stability and accuracy, to keep strings in tune for longer, and to allow for faster string changes.




Mahogany body / Nitro Wizard 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck / Bound Rosewood fretboard / EMG® 60/81 Active pickups / Gibraltar Standard II bridge



Mahogany body / Nitro Wizard-7 3pc Maple/Bubinga neck / Bound Rosewood fretboard / EMG® 707 Active pickups / Gibraltar Standard II-7 bridge



Ash wing body / Nitro Wizard 7pc Maple/Walnut neck-through w/Graphite reinforcement rods / Ebony fretboard / EMG® 60/81 Active pickups / Gibraltar Standard II bridge