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Light & Compact
The Promethean is considered a Class D amp. During the operation of a Class D amp, the circuitry is switched either on or off, rather than operated in linear mode. This technology allows for its light weight and compact nature, without sacrificing power. The P5110 Combo weighs only 27.6 lbs (12.8"W x 13.1"H x 14.2"D). The P500H head (11"W x 10.4"D x 2.2"H) alone is only 6.4 lbs.

Promethean Size Comparison

Feature Overview
6-band graphic EQ/bass and treble shelving tone controls
Peak limiting circuit
Vibe (color) control knob allows both large and incremental changes of tone from vintage to modern bass tones
2-way Clip Indicator
Auxiliary input (1/8")
Balance line out (XLR)
Phones out, tuner out (1/8")
Footswitch jack (Mute/Vibe)
11"W x 10.4"D x 2.2"H
Weight: 6.4 lbs
Promethean EQ
The easy-to-operate, fire-red Promethean head features a built-in graphic EQ and the unique footswitch-accessible VIBE control for rapid changes between modern and vintage tones. Available now with the 250w 10" Combo.

Combos & Cabinets
Promethean Combos and Cabinets

The Promethean head can be mounted into a combo or used with any high-quality bass speaker cabinet with the appropriate handling requirements.

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Promethean Bass Amp Head and Cabinets

with Rufus Philpot
and Del Atkins

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Live with the Promethean

A working band puts Promethean to the test
The Promethean is given a real world road test by an eight piece working band. more»