Congratulations on your purchase of the Ibanez Jumpstart pack! Included is everything you need to get out and get started: Guitar, amp, strap, tuner and more. In fact, we’ve even arranged a special Master Class for you here. Once you sign up or sign in, you will get great instruction from veteran Ibanez artists Paul Gilbert and Gerald Veasley. Thanks again, and keep rockin’!




Paul isn’t just a great guitar player, he’s a great guitar teacher. He can play absolutely insane guitar that makes you go “how does he do that!?” But you’ll never ask “how does he do that” when he’s teaching guitar because he explains everything so well. Since Paul takes the guitar very seriously, but not much else, he’s also a fun teacher. So you’l learn a lot and have a good time doing it.

Ibanez is proud to have Paul as an Ibanez guitar endorser since 1987. For more information on Paul Gilbert, check out



What makes Gerald the perfect choice is the fact that his impressive playing “chops” are matched by his teaching chops. Gerald has been artist-in-residence at the Artist-Teachers institute of Stockton State College, guest lecturer at Dartmouth, and bass instructor at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts since 1992. In addition, Gerald teaches at his acclaimed “Bass Bootcamps,” which feature a weekend of workshops, performances and master classes for bassists of all levels.

Ibanez is proud to have Gerald as an Ibanez bass endorser since 1986.For more information on Gerald Veasley, check out or

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