Multi Tool


The Ibanez MTZ11 is the perfect multi-tool for mobile guitar maintenance. The MTZ11 Combining 11 tools in one handy chassis, the MTZ11 includes hex wrenches, screwdrivers, a tube spanner and a ruler. The easy-to-handle MTZ11 is designed to solve all your set-up troubles when you're on the road or prepping for a gig.

  • •Quick access multi tool for Guitars
  • •11 essential guitar setup tools
  • •94 x 37 x 32mm
  • •It is so compact that you can carry the MTZ11 in your pocket
  • •The convenient center holes in the MTZ11's body make it easy to access any tool you need
  • •The wrench sizes are written clearly on the body for instant access and use
a Hex wrench (5mm)
b Hex wrench (4mm)
c Hex wrench (3mm)
d Hex wrench (2.5mm)
e Hex wrench (2mm)
f Hex wrench (1.5mm)
g Tube spanner (7mm)
h Screwdriver: phillips-head/large
i Screwdriver: phillips-head/small
j Screwdriver: slot-head
k Ruler: 50mm