WINTER NAMM 2016 at Anaheim 2016 1.21-24

Booth Report

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Steve Vai's groundbreaking "Passion And Warfare" album, the Universe limited edition has been released in three different finishes.

Rhythm guitar wizard Bob Weir (Grateful Dead, RatDog) unveils the re-issue of his "Cowboy Fancy" signature model, BWM1.

Paul Stanley's new signature model, PS120SP in Silver Sparkle finish revealed.

Joe Satriani adds a new finish to his signature collection.

New signature models from both DragonForce's guitarists, Herman Li and Sam Totman, unveiled.

Patterned after his favorite Artist model, here's the new Coy Bowles signature guitar.

Expansion of Jake Bowen (Periphery) signature models, include 7-string version of JBM.

Affordable version of Paul Waggoner (Between The Buried And Me) signature model.

The new Noodles (The Offspring) signature model NDM4 in Sunburst finish.

Chris Miller (You Me At Six) signature model in Black Flat finish.

New RGDIX and RGAIX models join Iron Label series.

The Ibanez Talman returns with cherished traditional tone and modern Ibanez innovation.

George Benson's new signature model: GB10SE in Brown Sunburst finish.

Introducing Artstar Vintage & Artcore Vintage. Thinner paint coat uncovers lively and vibrant sound. Designed for wider range of rock players.

Gary Willis new signature model in Premium series.

Adam Nitti adds a new signature model the Premium series.

The mightiest hollow body bass ever — Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner signature model revealed.

Mike D'Antonio (Killswitch Engage) new signature model in White finish.

New Ibanez Bass Workshop model "SR Cerro" singlecut bass introduced.

Brand new SR models in Premium line, featuring Ash/Walnut top/Mahogany body.

All new SR300 models — loaded with new PowerSpan Dual Coil pickups and 3 way Power Tap switch

Nordstrand™ pickups loaded new Talman basses revealed.

Artcore Vintage bass — Ibanez's new hollow body bass line up with worn appearance.

THE HEIGHT OF PERFORMANCE AND TONE — Ibanez's flagship Japan-made acoustic electric guitar revealed (external preamp AGP10 included).

Multi-scale length constructed AEL acoustic guitar revealed.

Artwood Vintage new models in "distressed" finish.

3/4 size body AW54MINI added to Artwood series.

Analog Delay, Chorus and Super Metal distortion join in MINI effects series.