Korg® mini kaoss pad 2S X Ibanez RG Guitar & SR Bass

Ibanez and Korg® have teamed up to bring you into a new realm of musical exploration with the RGKP6 and SRKP4, mini kaoss pad 2S equipped guitar and bass. Whether your thing is rock, electronic, pop, noise, prog, or anything in between, these instruments will open up an entire galaxy of real-time performance effects that will change the way you approach your music.
Until now, only a small handful of the musically elite have been able to explore this new territory, aided by high-paid guitar techs or private builders. Now, you can go there yourself without the hassle…or the expense. And while the musical possibilities are daunting— the mechanics of these future-world machines are anything but. Check out the video for a quick look at some of the basics…

Korg® Mini Kaoss Pad 2s

The RGKP6 and SRKP4 come equipped with Korg's® latest Kaoss introduction—the mini kaoss pad 2S, loaded with 100 dynamic KAOSS effects.

Built-in Distortion

Both the RGKP6 and SRKP4 come with on-board high-gain distortion, accessible at the flip of a switch. Fire it up with or without the mini kaoss pad 2S in line to get you to that certain sound you’re looking for.

Headphone Output Jack

Play when and where you want, using the 1/8" stereo headphone jack located next to the main output.

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