Nut File & Fret File

Nut files are for maintaining the nut on your guitar. Filing the nut makes it smoother, which will help stabilize tuning.
*Not usable on double locking guitars.

Prestige Fret File

Model Description
4450J for Jumbo fret
4450L for Large fret
4450S for Small fret

Prestige Nut File Set

Model Description
4449EG6 for El.Guitar (.009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042)
4449EG61 for El.Guitar (.010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046)
4449EB6 for El.Bass (.032/.045/.065/.085/.105/.130)
4449AC6 for Ac.Guitar (.012/.016/.024/.032/.042/.053)
4449CG6 for Cl.Guitar (.028/.032/.040/.029/.035/.042)
4449EG4EX for 7/8/9 String El.Guitar (.054/.065/.075/.090)
4449UC4 for Ukulele (.025/.032/.036/.028)