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SR's 30th Anniversary

Ibanez SR's 30th Anniversary.

The year 2017 represents an anniversary of the SR series. Throughout the past 30 years, Ibanez has been improving and developing the SR series by closely following market requirements and opinions from various artists and valued customers. SR is now one of the most popular and distinctive basses in the whole bass market. Ibanez is pleased to show its gratitude to its fans and celebrate SR's 30th anniversary.

Soundgear Basses

The introduction of the Soundgear bass was as valuable to the 1987 turn around of Ibanez fortunes as the debut of the JEM, RG, Radius and S guitars. The sleek, lightweight bass was a combination of the radically redesigned 1986 Musician basses and the RB800 Roadstar II model. It would ultimately replace both series. A new feature was a bolt-on neck design with a lip that extended beyond the fingerboard for additional stability. Although there have been a vast number of variations in construction, materials and pickups, Soundgear's signature thin, fast-playing neck (especially adaptable to 5-and 6-string basses) and active EQ systems remain an important part of both Ibanez's bass success and identity.

  • Soundgear Bass - 1987

    Ibanez busts the bass loose. With thin neck and significantly reduced bass body weight, bass players are free to move and groove. Fast furious fun is no longer the sole territory of the guitarist.

  • American Master - 1991

    American Master basses are totally handcrafted in the United States and feature neck-through-body construction for incredible sustain and increase upper fret access.

  • SR Padauk - 1994

    As a follow-up to Ibanez's first year as the #1 bass maker in the USA, the SR is graced with a Padauk Top. The subtle reddish hued wood turns this into an out-of-the-park home run.

  • SR Prestige - 2000

    Though Ibanez had built numerous high-end SRs, the model name "Prestige" makes its entrance as the designation of SR excellence.

  • SRX - 2002

    SRX provides an Ibanez alternative for the bassist who likes a little meat in the body. Bigger pickups add to the theme of thicker, fatter, heavier.

  • SR Thru Neck - 2004

    With the SR900, Ibanez shocks the bass market once again. Applying its expertise with thru-neck construction, and adding high end features like Bartolini pickups, putting a "boutique bass" within reach of the masses.

  • SR Premium - 2011

    In tough times Ibanez responds once again, delivering even more bass for the money. The working player's bass, the SR Premium with USA Nordstrand® "Big Single" pickups, and Mono-Rail Bridge, light up the forums and reviews.

  • SR Multi Scale - 2015

    The SRFF805's multi-scale system is designed to optimize the tension of each string, helping to create a more "alive" and open tone. This approach not only expands harmonic complexity but it also improves playability across all strings thanks to its ergonomic construction.

  • Semi-hollow body construction

    The SR30TH models feature a semi-hollow construction body created in the iconic SR design. Three oval sound holes add to the unique, artistic design of the bass, while enhancing the warm, rich resonance of the semi-hollow construction.

  • Premium Fret Edge Treatment (SR30TH4P/SR30TH5P)

    The premium fret edges are processed to be specially rounded for smooth play and comfortable neck grip.

  • Nordstrand™ Pickups (SR30TH4P/SR30TH5P)

    Nordstrand™ "Big Single" pickups provide the clarity of single coil pickups, while the large body gives players a full and aggressive tone.

  • Bartolini® MK-1 Pickups (SR30TH4/SR30TH5)

    The full, clear tone of Bartolini® MK-1 pickups provide a tight bottom end with a mid-range that is articulate without being harsh.

  • Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/EQ bypass switch & mid frequency switch (SR30TH4P/SR30TH5P)

    Precision tonal control, including a switch to choose passive-only operation. When the EQ bypass is activated, the treble tone control knob becomes the global tone control for the passive circuit.

  • Ibanez Custom Electronics 3-band EQ w/Mid frequency switch (SR30TH4/SR30TH5)

    The active 3-band EQ features a fully independent bass, treble, and mid controls with a wide boost/cut range. The mid-frequency select switch enables the selection of 250HZ, 450Hz and 700Hz - the heart of the mid zone - for a more dynamic tone.

  • Mono-Rail V bridge (SR30TH4P/SR30TH5P)

    The Mono-Rail V Bridge offers a wide intonation range and is the ultimate bridge for bass string isolation. Each saddle is independently and securely locked down to the body for maximum vibration transfer without interference.

  • Accu-cast B300 bridge (SR30TH4/SR30TH5)

    The Accu-cast B300 bridge affords precise intonation and delivers string-to-body vibration conductively.

  • Gotoh® machine heads (SR30TH4P/SR30TH5P)

    The SR30TH Premium features Gotoh® machine heads for superior tuning stability.

SR's 30th Anniversary