Kosma Kalamarz – a Polish bass player, session musician, teacher and educator. Graduated from Music Academy in Katowice in 2006. Known for his work with many famous Polish and international artists. Performed on every kind of stage - from small jazz clubs to philharmonics and concert halls, to big open-air music festivals. Since his childhood he has been studying with the best teachers, both in classical music and jazz. He began his music education at the age of 6, taking piano classes. It was only in high school when he refocused on the double bass. After only a couple of years, the bass guitar appeared in his life. It's been there ever since. Kosma went on his first serious concert tour when he was 17. In Krzysztof Puma Piasecki's project he played alongside leading Polish musicians. The band performed in the best Polish jazz clubs and most important music events in the country. Since then, he took part in countless studio projects and concerts as an irreplaceable sideman. He was the co-founder of PKS Trio, with which he recorded the album "Przystanek Pierwszy" ("First Stop"). It was promoted during many concert tours in Poland and Europe. Kosma Kalamarz feels best in the music genres where the bass guitar has a lot of room for manoeuvre (mainly gospel and fusion jazz). Good sound precision and good energy are fundamental for him. As a motorization enthusiast, he loves solid constructions, equipped with extra power. He looks for the same in instruments and music. He must sound good, strong and confident. As he says: "It's never too much of power".