Guitarist Kessier is the founder of SERAPHIM in 2001, a famous power metal band from Taiwan. he's also the songwriter and producer for all the SERAPHIM's album, he always play Ibanez guitars in his live-gigs over the world! The main J-Custom guitars are his favorite, especially in beautiful "Tree of Life" inlay. The main weapon J-Custom RG8670 and other limited edition of J-Custom had became his best partner during the live-tour!

He is also a recording engineer for past 20 years, many different style artists had been work with him, he's own a commercial recording studio in Taipei city, all of SERAPHIM's album had been work at this studio.

Kesseir has established the first band since 1981, diligently unremitting for the Taiwan's heavy metal music for a long time, he has exquisitely high tech speed guitar playing style. As a guitar player's angle and his hobby - collecting guitars became a most interesting thing in his life, Ibanez is his continuously most likes, also the most main weapon for his live playing and recording. He has collected 25 Ibanez guitars, including 17 J-Custom, he will continue to collect precious J-custom in the future, and will keep diligently on guitar's domain continually, making good music for the band. he's also interested in amplifiers, From Mesa Boogie, Bogner, Hughes & Kettner, he always enjoy the direct brutal sound no matter in recording session or live shows.

Now he is writing on SERAPHIM's 5th new album. and the "Rising" album will come out in Japan & Europe very soon. Again, both Chinese & English edition will release together for many different listeners have more choice. The leading speed picking guitar virtuoso would bring his Ibanez J-Custom with SERAPHIM on his way to conquer metal heads in the world again!

Tour experience

2015(TBA) - Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
2007 - Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium. Taiwan
2004 - Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Germany, Taiwan
2002 - China