Guitarist founder and composer of Legacy of Kain brazilian band, Angelo Torquetto started his passion for guitar about his 12 yers old. When 16 he got his firt death metal band (Devil Torturer) playing local and cities out of state.
He created name in Brazil playing with Desertor band for 10 years and then he left to start a solo Thrash death metal project "Messianic Cry" playing all around South America and some places in Europe. He also composed songs, played and recorded, with Doomsday Hymn band playing around South America.

Currently he´s playing with Legacy of Kain touring in all the countries of South America and also workshoping about music business and guitar in Brazil and some other countries.
Legacy of Kain release 2 singles and a full album last year and is heading to the new one and preparing another South American tour and looking forward to Europe.