Christian Thompson is the current lead guitarist and backing vocalist for Falling In Reverse. Since his introduction into the band in mid-2015, Christian has spent the majority of his time touring, writing, and recording his bands 4th album, 'Coming Home.' "As generic as this sounds, 'Coming Home' is definitely the best Falling In Reverse album to date, and I'm not saying that because I'm a part of it. Before I joined the band I was a fan, so I can also hear it from an outsiders perspective. The album has a cohesive, mature sound while at the same time staying to true to what makes us Falling In Reverse. To put it simply, we aren't confined to any one genre. We can do grunge, metal, rap, club anthems - and you'll hear all of that and then some on this album." Prior to being asked to join Falling In Reverse by Ronnie Radke personally, Christian had only played a handful of shows in local bands. "It was a huge leap of faith for them to offer me the job. They didn't try anyone out. They just handed it to me and said 'Good luck.' I had almost no experience whatsoever playing live or touring and all that comes with it. I knew that if I were to do this, I had to do much more than just fill a void left by a departing member. I had to do what he did while also bringing more to the table. My vocalist found out I had a 5-octave vocal range and suddenly I found myself singing lead vocals and harmonies on the album as well as during live shows. It's been challenging learning as I go, but I'm starting to tap into a side of me I didn't know was there until I was pushed past my former limitations." Summer 2017 for Falling In Reverse looks to be a busy one, headlining festivals across the country alongside KISS, Slayer, Megadeth, Avenged Sevenfold, Volbeat, Seether, Anthrax, Stone Sour and many more.

'Coming Home' is due out on April 7th worldwide via Epitaph Records.