Jacek Polak started with musical education at age 6, started playing guitar at age 13 and performed all over the world and won a lot of international attention and prices.
In 1997 the readers of the popular guitar magazine "Guitar & Bass" chose Jacek to be Poland's "New Talent of the Guitar World" and in 2002 he became "Undiscovered Guitar Talent" in USA by Guitar 9 Record label.

Jacek and his younger brother Grzegorz founded the "Mr.Pollack band" and their first record called QN was recorded back in 1990 at early age.
On this record Jacek showed his virtuoso quality as a guitarist and singer.
This record became kind of an inspirational album for the whole generation of modern guitarist in Poland.
Since then Mr.Pollack recorded a few more albums including one hit called "Air on 6 Strings" containing a rock version of classical music hits by: Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Rimsky-Korsakov - (very popular "Flight of The Bumble Bee").
This record got very popular in the guitar world and songs from this album became a main set list for the Mr.Pollack band till today.

In 2014 Mr.Pollack released a new album called "Black Hawk" via mighty Metal Mind Productionsa, which was very good received in Poland and abroad (good press in USA).

Their album "Black Hawk" was voted as "Album of The Year" by the american magazine

Top score in UK Powerplay Rock magazine: