From his guitar journeys through heavy power riffs, filthy grunge stoner grooves and his love for 80s guitar shred, horror films and Mexican food, Paul Glover has developed a unique anthemic musical style which pushes the boundaries of modern music. Paul's talent for creating complex rhythms with emotive harmonies, fusing a range of styles with a overlay of power grooves and head banging rhythms to adhere to variety of musical interests. This is evident in his debut solo offering, "Degrees of Decomposition", where you are introduced to his progressive guitar style with use of visual stimulants to enhance the fusion of metal, rock and ambient grooves, to take you through a story of lost love against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse.
After taking a few years away to create and deliver guitar clinics for Ibanez Guitars and Laney Amplification as well as developing a tuition course inspired by his own teacher and mentor; Steve Vai of Berklee College of Music, from where Paul graduated with a 4.0 grade average. Paul is ready to take 2017 by storm with the sequels to his successful EP, returning you to the pain of the undead…….watch this space.
Paul's talents enable him to achieve aggressive and chaotic melodies and rhythms entwined with tender and beautiful counter melodies and harmonies. To be able to achieve this range of emotions, Paul's choice of weapon would be his Ibanez RG models.
"There is no greater place to create than behind an RG with a super wizard neck Full stop. The versatility of these instruments is godly and I will never let mine go… Ever!" - Paul
Paul has a thriving YouTube channel dedicated to all things guitar porn based, including upcoming tours and clinics. Please feel free to come and join the network of guitar enthusiasts to get exclusive looks on all the latest gear.
"When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth".