Composer, song writer, arranger, guitar workshop leader. Sideman in bands Big Cyc, Łzy, Andrzej Cierniewski, Banda i Wanda and many more. Leader of bands VINCENT, MAM TRIO, ACE COVER BAND For 30 years I was creator and co-founder of dozens of bands. Some of them were touring in Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Russia, Belarus), and over the ocean – Canada. Since very beginning of my rock music journey I've been accompanied almost only with Ibanez guitars. It's hard to count how many models I've been using through all of these years, Even though in 80's it was impossible to get any foreign equipment in Poland. I was lucky enough that my parents knew one truck driver who brought me my first Ibanez in mid 80's. I will never forget that moment, when I felt that Ibanez fits me perfectly and it still does.