Dirk Scheele started his career as a rockguitarist, singer, guitarteacher and musictherapist for handicapped children. He started to write songs for these children. However, all children appeared to love his songs so much that he got a record deal at EMI Music for his music.
Now Dirk Scheele is a fulltime performer for children with 3 concerts a week in theaters and clubs (like the dutch Paradiso and Tivoli) in Holland and Belgium.
He recorded, wrote and released 20 CD's with his own dutch childrensongs, using musical styles like rock, pop, blues, reggae, folk, metal, dance, classic, jazz and rock&roll.
On Dutch and Belgium Nickelodeon and NickJr channel he has his own daily musical television programme "Op Stap met Dirk Scheele".
He loves to play the guitar and during concerts he entertains children by creating all kinds of realistic sounds like animal, nature, traffic, filmatic and funny sounds with his guitar. Fans have called him Steve Vai for kids and The Jimi of the Lowlands for kids.
Despite his busy schedule he still rocks with his friends in bands like Whroumm and Guitar Fever.
He plans to release a children CD with English and American lyrics and an instrumental guitar CD in the future.