Ralph Salati was born in 1987 and raised across Italy. The rock metal guitarist combines a tasteful melodic approach with fast and technical phrasing, including a wide range of modern techniques.

His style surfaces within his band Destrage, both in solos and creative riffing. He has been active with Destrage since 2007 as a guitarist and where he also writes music with his band mates. During this decade they released four studio albums and signed with the well known Metal Blade records label. Alongside their recording work they're also intensely active with lives and tours.

They were on three headlining tours in Japan. They toured twice in Europe supporting Protest the Hero, Periphery and Contortionist. Destrage also toured in Italy several times and took part in lots of European festivals with major bands (like Every Time I Die, Parkway Drive, Monuments).

Ralph has several collaborations in his records. Starting from Gianluca Ferro with whom he wrote "The Road to Sunrise", song that is part of the album Breath of Nibiru and that can be found in his DVD tutorial Accelerating Guitar. Together they have opened concerts for Guthrie Govan, Andy Timmons, The Aristocrats, Jeff Loomis.

In 2017 for Ibanez thirtieth anniversary Ralph took part at the tour that spread along Italy together with other four major guitarists, Marco Sfogli (PFM, James LaBrie), Cesareo (Elio e Le Storie Tese), Andy Martongelli (Arthemis), and Gianni Rojatti (Dolcetti).

It has now been over ten years since Ralph started teaching guitar, in particular he holds classes in several music schools in Milan, such as NAM, one of the most prestigious schools in Italy.

At the moment Ralph is working on his first solo album.