Beyond All Recognition is a band from Sweden that take elements of both dubstep and metal and fuse them together seamlessly, making them pioneers of the genre "dubcore". They released their first single, "Now or Never", back in 2011, and later that year released a 5-track EP called "This is Dubcore". In 2012, Beyond All Recognition released their debut album "Drop=Dead" in Europe, Japan and North America. May of 2013 will bring a new single from the band titled "Martyrs", which they hope will demonstrate the band's progression as the "dubcore" originators. They have toured all across Europe and Russia with such bands as Dead by April, Adept, We Butter The Bread With Butter, One Morning Left, Engel and more.
Later this spring, Beyond All Recognition will again tour Europe and Russia with Dead By April and will begin work on a new album soon after this tour concludes.