>Ibanez is proud to announce the signing of Battlecross bassist Don Slater. Battlecross is a 5-piece metal band out of Canton, Michigan. They have released 2 full-length albums, 2011's Pursuit of Honor, and their new record, War of Will is set to be released on 7/9/2013. Battlecross blends several genres and influences from the metal world, helping them to create a sound all their own. Battlecross has received massive airplay on Sirius XM's Liquid Metal station, with their single "Push Pull Destroy" being the #1 most requested song for five straight weeks and the Youtube video for the song has reached over 2 million view to date. The group has put together an impressive tour history over the last few years, sharing the stage with other acts such as Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch Engage, Trivium and Emmure, to only name a few. Battlecross was also hand-selected by Metallica to perform at this year's Orion Music + More festival, and are preparing to take part in this year's incarnation of the Rockstar Mayhem Festival this summer, along with Rob Zombie, Machine Head, Mastodon, Job For a Cowboy, and many more. Don Slater's unique style and aggressive playing can be felt in every Battlecross track, featuring blazing fast solos very often and demonstrating killer chops throughout. Don's high level of musicianship is a breath of fresh air in a genre where bass playing has grown stale. His SR basses allow him to get the sound he needs to cover his vast array of bass techniques, from funky slap bass to precision speed metal playing and everything in between.

Here's a personal quote from Don about his new relationship with Ibanez: "It is a privilege to be working with such an esteemed company as Ibanez. I've heard their name since I first picked up a guitar, and how well they treat their artists echoes throughout the industry. The craftsmanship of Ibanez bass guitars are smooth and fast, with a tone to match my (mostly) aggressive style of play, not to mention they're built like tanks to withstand the rigors of the road. All of that combined gives me the confidence I need to hit the stage and give the fans what they deserve. I look forward to giving my best for Ibanez."