Nita Strauss possesses guitar skills that have taken her from garages to the world's stages and her superior playing leaves an indelible mark on all who witness her. The six-string starlet was born in one of the most rock and roll towns in the world, Los Angeles, CA. during one of the most decadent and indicative times of rock and roll; in the mid 1980's. Nita's musical family played a large part in her development as a musician and at a young age she received a guitar as a gift from her father. Music runs deep in the Strauss family as they have a lineage all the way back to famous composer Johann Strauss.
As a youngster, Nita had been exposed to all kinds of music in her family's home, it was something everyone shared together. "My dad is a musician and I come from a whole line of musicians." she declares and it's no doubt that her musical roots play an important role in her development as a world-class player. Although Nita's family ensconced themselves in music, it wasn't until a pivotal moment that she wanted to take the love of the guitar all the way. The infamous face-off between Ralph Maccio and guitarist extraordinaire Steve Vai in the movie Crossroads defined the moment of inspiration for Nita. Reflecting back on the moment she had this to say about it. "It wasn't until I saw the movie Crossroads – Steve Vai vs. Ralph Maccio-when it was like, That's what I want to do!"
Nita has cited her biggest influences as Marty Friedman, the legato master Shawn Lane and not surprisingly Steve Vai. It's obvious that the impressions left on Strauss from viewing Vai at an early age led to her make him her favorite player ever. Nita's lightning fast chops and note articulation no doubt show that her influences lie in the shred world of guitar playing. Despite her rapid speed and harmonic phrasing, she possesses a great sense of harmony and feel that many shred-guitarists lack; she defines the term "well-rounded guitarist."
At the age of 13, Nita began playing shows around the L.A. area, which eventually led to international tours in 2010 with "As Blood Runs Black" and appearances at the Bamboozle West festival in California. A brief stint on a tour with Jermaine Jackson and Michael Jackson band members of stadiums throughout Africa and then joining all-girl tribute band "The Iron Maidens" helped catapult her career. Nita has also recorded with video game tribute mega-group "Critical Hit" (which she also appears in several videos for). Appeared on the soundtracks for huge video game franchises like Heroes Of The Storm (Blizzard) and the Grammy nominated Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (Konami/Platinum Games). Nita's growing repertoire of appearances showcases how diverse her abilities as a musician are, and with the momentum she has steadily gained expect to see her lending her talents to many other projects.
2014 is the year where things really started to take off for Nita as she landed the in-house guitarist gig for the new L.A. Kiss Arena football team, owned by Kiss founding members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. Things kept on getting better as in June, Strauss announced that she had landed the highly coveted third guitarist position in Alice Cooper's band, which to this day is still one of the quintessential guitarist positions in rock music.
Guitar World voted Nita the #1 on the list of "10 female guitarist players you should know" and in addition to her high profile performances has been an integral musician in the LA scene, adding her talents and performances to many a session. There's no doubt that she is on her way to becoming one of the most memorable female guitarists the world has even seen.