Tobias Mertens is a native of Germany/Vechta and took up drumming at the early age of 2 years. Born in 1991 his first lessons at a local music school were at the age of 5 in 1996. He had weely tuition in classical and pop oriented drumming and marimba. From 1999 to 2007 he participated succesful at several german classical oriented competitions called Jugend Musiziert and won at federal level.
At the age of 7 he got into guitar playing and practiced basic chords and melodies. He started listening to metal music with 15 and discovered guitar players like John Petrucci, John 5 and Steve Morse. But at the same time he listened to country music guitar players like Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland and Brad Paisley.
Besides going to school he used a lot of his for practicing guitar and drums and playing in local bands.
After graduating he decided to move to Hamburg and study Audio Engineering.
From 2010 he played on over 20 productions as a recording artist.
In 2011 he began his audio engineering work for several studios in germany including Bishops Audio Productions (DJ Bobo, Modern Talking), Blue Moon Studio and Chameleon Studio.
Since he was able to adapt to different musical styles he played at that time in bands from old school Rock'n'Roll to Metal.
In 2014 he joined gothic rock sensation Lord Of The Lost and played drums, guitar and bass on their records. In 2017 he left the band in terms focusing on other projects. In this context his drumming and guitar playing can be heard on albums from Subway To Sally and Saltatio Mortis.
From 2016 Tobias is an author for several workshops in the magazines Drumheads!!, guitar and Soundcheck. He started doing clinics and workshops all over europe including Guitar Summit, Austria music fair, Drum Site Festival and many more. At the moment he is working on his home studio and produces a german Dark Rock Band.

Tobias about Ibanez guitars:
Ibanez guitars represent diversity in sound from jazz to country to metal and first-class processing at all levels of guitar production.
They own an unique design and the playability is lightning fast.