Michael Liewald is a German guitarist and founding member of the band Winterstorm.

Apart from several tours through Europe, he has played at various festivals like Wacken Open Air, Summer Breeze Open Air, Rockharz Festival, Masters of Rock Festival, Metal-Fest, Racknaroeck Festival, Festival Mediaval, etc.

His musical career began at the age of two, when he discovered his fascination for rock music and shortly thereafter started playing the guitar. Since 2005 he has been actively on stage and is continuously developing his creative work both inside and outside the group Winterstorm, which formed 2008.

In addition to occasional guest vocals, his fields of work within the band are songwriting, arrangement, recording, production, backing vocals and other artistic tasks like design, artwork, layout and photography.

In 2016, the fourth album of Winterstorm named "Cube of Infinity" entered the Top 100 National German Charts at number 31.