Emanuel Knorr is a professional guitar player, composer, teacher and producer located near Bremen, Germany.
In his youth Emanuel was addicted to guitar playing inspired by idols like John Petrucci, Slash or Zakk Wylde. Playing in various bands, teaching the kids in his neighborhood their first riffs and practicing/composing all day and night long in his bedroom made the biggest time of his teens. Joining MAJESTY was his entrance to a professional music career.
Graduating his Diploma degree at the Deutsche Pop academy as the best of his class and continuing his studies at the internationally acclaimed University of West London Emanuel has successfully attended a high level academical educational program. As a side project he is still working on his thesis aiming to become a doctor of musical science one day.
As a touring musician there were countless, unforgettable highlights - especially attending the Summer Breeze Festival with 40.000 + people in front of the main stage, as well as the biggest international tour in the history of MAJESTY so far, taking place in early 2017 covering 16 countries playing 35 gigs in a row. MAJESTY has been on several headlining tours and also appeared as a special guest for bands such as Manowar, Powerwolf, U.D.O., Rage and many more.
Taking a closer look to his work in the studio the biggest success to date was the 2017 album "Rebels" that he recorded and partly composed. "Rebels" entered the official German album charts on #16 and opened the door for their recent signing with one of the worlds biggest labels for heavy music - Napalm records.
Besides his membership in MAJESTY Emanuel has been working for various acts as a session- and studio player. His activity as a session guitarist has led him to multiple countries and continents when fitting in for local tours in Germany/Europe or traveling overseas to play in exotic places such as U.A.E. or Sri Lanka.
Working in the studio Emanuel played and composed for several artists from different genres. Recently Emanuel has released the first single of his one man project SHREDUCATOR - atmospheric and melodic instrumental metal.
Pointing out that playing the guitar is the best feeling on earth Emanuel feels passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge with those who are interested.
Being a guitar teacher since the end of his teens he collected a high amount of teaching experience. Especially the challenge of teaching advanced students is amongst his favorite activities. Because of that Emanuel started working as a lecturer for music students at the Deutsche Pop academy.
Emanuel claims that endorsing Ibanez guitars is one of the best decisions of his professional life. "I have been playing these instruments since my childhood. While learning to play the instrument my Ibanez RG was my best friend. Because of its superior playability I have been able to do things on it that I couldn't do on other instruments."