Michel Oliveira (São Paulo, October 23th, 1989) is a musician and music producer from Brazil. He is one of the Djent/Modern Metal's precursors in Brazil.
He was born in São Paulo and since his adolescence was involved by the music, he started playing acoustic guitar when he was a child. A few years later he changed the acoustic guitar to the electric guitar. In the beginning he had some difficulties to keep his studies. The instruments prices and the lack of time because of studies was an extreme factor to him.

At the twelve years old he earned his first guitar and after a hard endeavor he began to play with his neighbors. At the fifteen, he got music a little bit more serious. He studied with great brazilian guitarists like Sidney Carvalho and Matheus Ferreira. In 2007, he was 17 years old, began investing in his solo career playing instrumental music, influenced by Fear Factory, Meshuggah and Dream Theater. That period he knew the 7 and 8 strings guitars. Since that, Michel has recorded several albums playing guitar and singing. In 2015 he recorded his first live DVD, which was released recently this summer.

Currently, Michel is music producer in his home studio (Sputnik Studio) in São Paulo city. He is also guitarist and singer in Code 3-7, Seven Seals of the Apocalypse, Judas o Outro and a solo project.