A very proud Ibanez endorser, Lee began his guitar playing journey aged 4, copying chords and licks from his 'self-taught' Father. During those formative years he was lucky enough to be exposed to a wide range of musical genres and guitarists… Something which has led him to become a regular guitar demonstrator for many brands in the subsequent decades. Demonstrating a diverse range of styles both to live audiences and to millions of viewers on YouTube, Lee looks for diversity in the gear he chooses too. Utilising his Ibanez guitars for recording weekly video demonstrations for various YouTube channels, he can also be found using them live at Guitar Trade shows across the UK, Europe, USA and China. Lee is also a passionate educator offering both on-line lessons and clinics.
In addition to all that, Lee has written, recorded and released 2 instrumental albums for which he received kudos from the legendary Steve Vai, a feat he managed to achieve again, a few years later after playing Steve's Blue Powder during a demonstration!
Lee believes firmly that when used in the right way, video based learning can be just as effective as face-to-face tuition, whilst being a cheaper, more convenient and less intrusive option. His website is designed to offer a variety of high quality and cost effective lessons, to suit every skill level, playing style or budget.