DIE! SHE SAID is a metalcore-band formed in 2013 in Speyer (Germany).

Members of the band are:
Moritz Specht (Vocals)
Sven Aprill (Guitar)
Christoph Ellspermann (Guitar)
Denis Raff (Bass)
Thomas Weber (Drums)

Ranging from aggressive shouts to melodic elements, DIE! SHE SAID combines many different elements to stand out in a broad mass of modern metal bands. The bands lyrics cover topics like intolerance, relationships, death and emotional disruption to encourage their listeners to reflect.
After their first gigs with The Green River Burial, Walking Dead on Broadway, Six Reasons to kill and A Traitor like Judas, the band filmed their first official music video for "Look at me". Their self-titled EP was released in February 2015. Since then, many gigs were played (e.g. on Sunstorm Festival with Onkel Tom, Deadlock and Hackneyed).
In August 2015 the band released their second music video for "This Is War", filmed and produced by Mirko Witzki Graphics (responsible for music videos from Any Given Day, Caliban and We Butter The Bread with Butter).