Pop-Punk is dead" – A statement we all heard a lot lately from
self-proclaimed music experts and big gun scene moguls. So how does a young
band full of beans from Eastern Germany react to such assumptions? Take a
good guess...

Storyteller came into existence in Summer 2012. After a couple of
touch-and-go months it became soon apparent which way the five guys from
Dessau wanted to head towards. Th...ey simply strove after playing the
music they always listend to and personally loved for years despite any
advice about which sound is hip these days or will be the next big thing.

This innocent, almost kidlike, simplicity in making decisions and following
your dreams reveals the honest, dedicated and upright characters that make
up the band Storyteller. It's an overall „We do want we want"-attitude
which has nothing to do with the negativity and destructiveness of the
early punk-scene but rather embodies a positive mindset and lifestyle based
on the original values of the hardcore community, where the bandmember are
dug in.

On these grounds it came quite naturally that one of the most reputable
European Hardcore Labels, Let it Burn Records, took notice of Storyteller
and decided to release the band's „Take Me Home" debut EP through their
digital sublabel Acuity.Music in February 2013. A huge pile of
overwhelmingly positive responses and 4 months later Let it Burn Records
and Storyteller decided to step up their liaison and announced the release
of „Frontier Spirit", the band's first full length album, to be released in
October / November, 2013.

With Aljoscha Sieg (Pitchback Studios) Storyteller teamed up with another
strong and reliable partner in the process of bringing „Frontier Spirit"
into being. Having worked with bands such as The Haverbrook Disaster, Light
Your Anchor or Vitja, Aljoscha Sieg has emerged as THE up-and-coming
producer for heavy and melodic music in Germany. Storyteller enter the
Pitchback Studios in July with a clear-cut goal no less than creating the
best European Pop-Punk album ever.

Despite all plans to create a larger-than-life album Pop-Punk is still a
music genre that comes to life on stage. A place where Storyteller felt
very much „at home" since day one. When being offered a 3-weeks European
tour with Germany's post-hardcore sensation Marathonmann and
singer-songwriter Grey Gordon from Indiana for November 2013 by Europe's
leading booking agency for underground music, Avocado Booking, everything
came into place like a stroke of fate.

So this is 2013, this is Storyteller. A band who would not give a fuck
about „Pop-Punk is dead" and who is unlocked and loaded to prove the exact
opposite with a big heart and a giant bag full of „Awesome, let's do